Admissions Application Information


2017 Term Dates

Winter Intersession: January 3 – January 27
Spring Semester: January 9 – May 29
Summer Session: June 5 – August 12
Fall Semester: August 28 – December 16

Attention:  Beginning September 15, 2014, Golden West College is using a new application called Open CCC. All applicants will have to establish new log on credentials for this application.  NOTE: These log on credentials cannot be used to log on to MyGWC, the student registration portal.

International students (those requiring an F-1 Visa)
Click here for application information.  Please do not use this application as the application will not be processed.

Please note that an additional application is required for this program.  Please visit the School of Nursing website to obtain detailed information.

Continuing Students
If you are a continuing student, (those who are registered in classes for the current term) DO NOT reapply for admission.  Continuing students will automatically receive an appointment to register for the next term.  Appointments will be available via your MyGWC site a few weeks before registration starts, so make sure to check MyGWC periodically for updates.

New Students
You’re considered a new student if you’ve never taken classes at Golden West College.  New students, regardless of their educational background and goal, must apply for admission. If you need financial assistance, apply for financial aid at the time of the application (you’ll be given an opportunity to apply via the FAFSA website at the end of this application.

Returning Students
Returning students are those who have previously attended Golden West College but have missed two or more semesters.  Returning students must apply for admission to be assigned a registration appointment and to activate their MyGWC account.

High School Seniors
If you are a senior in High School and are currently taking classes at GWC, and plan on continuing to take classes for the next semester at GWC, you MUST reapply to GWC as a “First Time College student” during the second half of your senior year.

High School Students (11th & 12th grades only)
High School students seeking to enroll in advanced scholastic or vocational coursework not available at the high school may be eligible to attend Golden West College.  Students enrolled in 11th or 12th grade may use the online application, but must submit an approved K-12 Special Part-time Permission Form before registering for classes. Note: Students enrolled in grades K-10 are not permitted to attend Golden West College.

Application Confirmation
Once you submit your online application, you’ll receive a confirmation email immediately (sent to the email address you supplied on your application) and a welcome email from the college approximately 3-5 business days later.  The welcome letter will provide instructions on what you need to do next.  Please make sure to read all the information in the email you receive regarding your application.

Important email information
Please make sure that the email address you provide is correct so that you receive confirmation of your application and instructions as to what you need to do to complete the admissions process. Some Internet Service Providers filter mail from Golden West College and the Coast Community College District so please check your trash folder if you don’t receive an email response within 5 – 10 business days from the date of submission.  You can avoid this by adding and to your approved senders list.  This is especially important if you use providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Roadrunner, AOL, Earthlink or Hotmail and/or you use spam filters.

Thank you for making Golden West College your college of choice for your higher education.  We hope you find your experience at Golden West rewarding, accommodating and student friendly.

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