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New Students

You will receive your registration information via email

  • Student ID Number
  • MyGWC login information (username, password, email account, and instructions)

NOTE: If you do not receive your registration information within 14 days after applying for admission, please contact the Admissions & Records: (714) 895-8306.


Prior to taking your assessment test, new students are expected to complete an online orientation. Please login to your MyGWC account and follow the link under the STUDENT tab to the Golden West College Online Orientation (use your MyGWC username and password to login to the orientation).

MyGWC portal

The Orientation is designed to acquaint the student with the many programs and support services available at the college and to assist the student in selecting his/her first semester courses. Additional information regarding the Online Orientation is available in the Counseling Office. 714-895-8799 ext 1


Assessment involves taking placement tests in English, reading, and mathematics. It is NOT a “pass or fail” test. It is a measure of your English and math skills to help you pick the right courses for you.

Assessment is recommended for all students and REQUIRED for new students prior to course registration. It may also be used to meet prerequisites for certain courses.(see exemptions)

Placement tests are done on a walk-in basis at the Assessment Center. Please see the online calendar for dates and times for walk-in testing.

Develop your Student Educational Plan

  1. Attend a SEP DegreeWorks Workshop. Appointments are required. Call 714-895-8119, or stop by the Counseling Center to sign up
  2. Register for any of the following Counseling classes in the upcoming semester: COUN G103, COUN G110, COUN G111
  3. Schedule an appointment with a counselor. Appointments are scheduled one week in advance. Call (714) 895-8119 to schedule an appointment
  4. Attend express counseling hours for an abbreviated SEP. This resource is most appropriate for individuals who have applied to GWC but are not currently enrolled students. Call (714) 895-8119 for availability.


Make an appointment with Counseling Office.

Go to Counseling after the Assessment or call 714-895-8799 for more info.

Know your GWC ID# and bring transcripts from previous colleges (if available) to appointment.


Register for classes ON or AFTER your registration appointment date and time. Please read: Things to know before you register.

Register online at mygwc.com (myGWC Instructions PDF)
Computers are available for use in the Admissions & Records.

Students who are too late for priority online registration may register in person in the Admissions & Records the week before classes begin.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for important registration dates.


Purchase Parking Permits Online

Obtain Student Identification Card

Buy Books GWC Bookstore

Apply for Financial Aid

Make a Counseling appointment to lock in your SEP

Continuing Students

Continuing Students (those who are registered in classes for the current semester) do NOT need to reapply for admission.

Registration appointments can be viewed online at MyGWC a few weeks before registration begins.

After logging in, follow the steps below to view your appointment:

  1. Click on the Student Tab.
  2. Under Registration Tools, click on Registration Status.
  3. Select the appropriate term and click the “submit” button.
  4. You can view your appointment as well as any holds that may prevent you from registering.

Please note: Continuing, concurrently enrolled High School students who will be graduating from High School and wish to continue their education at Golden West College will need to reapply.

Online Registration Instructions (PDF)

Returning Students

Returning students (students who have had a break in their attendance from GWC of 1 semester or more) will need to reapply for admission.

You will not be required to take placement tests if you have completed courses in math and English, or if less than two years have passed since your last test. We maintain the records of the classes that you have taken at GWC.

Follow the admission steps for NEW STUDENTS.

Students with Disabilities

New students with disabilities, with professional verification of disability, may apply for admission directly through the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) Office located in Former KOCE building.

The matriculation process may require assessment testing, which will be arranged at that time.

For further information and office hours, please visit the Disabled Student Programs and Services website or call:

(714) 895-8721 or (714) 895-8350 TDD.

International Students
Admissions Requirements & Procedures

Golden West College admits international students for the Fall and Spring semesters, and Summer session. The Fall semester begins in late-August and the Spring semester begins in late-January. Summer term begins in early June.

Applicants for admission to Golden West College must be high school graduates, be pursuing the final semester of high school, or equivalent or be 18 years of age or older. Students under age 18 require legal guardianship.

Please note that students are required to purchase the GWC-approved medical insurance when registering for classes. Policy information will be provided at the time of registration. Private insurance is not accepted.

International Student Application Form & Photo

The International Student Application Form must be completed and returned with a $55.00 application fee ( U.S. currency, money order, check, VISA or Mastercard are acceptable forms of payment by mail) and 2 passport-size photographs.

Affidavit of Support

An Affidavit of Support must be completed and signed by the student and his/her sponsor/s (self, parent, relative, or significant other) to present evidence that the student has sufficient financial resources to meet all expenses during his/her period of attendance at GWC. Please refer to the enclosed Estimated Expenses for minimum annual sponsorship requirement.

English Proficiency

International students must have sufficient knowledge of English to benefit from instruction at the college level. Therefore, all international student applicants, for whom English is not a native language, must submit proof of English proficiency at the time of application. The most common form of English demonstration is the TOEFL test. GWC requires scores of 61 on the TOEFL iBT (Internet-Based Test), or 500 on the TOEFL PBT (Paper-Based Test).

There are several other forms of English demonstration that are accepted by the college, including successful completion of the requisite English class level at one of our partner English language schools.

For a complete list of options for meeting the English proficiency requirement for admission, click here:

Options for Demonstrating English Proficiency


Arrangements should be made to have complete, official transcripts of all high school, college, and ESL work sent directly to the International Student Program. Transcripts must be officially translated into English. Sealed transcripts can be mailed by the student or sent by the institution. All prior academic history must be provided (From home country and the United States).

School Transfers within the United States

Students transferring from another U.S. college or high school must also send a Transfer Eligibility form and copies of I-94, I-20, visa and passport pages. If you are supporting a spouse or child in the U.S. , please provide copies of their travel documents as well.

Nursing Students

Please refer to the Nursing Program’s webpage at www.goldenwestcollege.edu/nursing/ for current information.

K9-12 Students
Special Part-Time Program for 9th -12th Grade Students Admission and Registration Procedure

9th – 12th grade students interested in attending Golden West College must submit a completed Admissions Application Online as well as submit a completed Special Part-Time Permission Form [PDF] to the Admissions & Records. Please read ALL the information listed below before you start the process of applying to Golden West College. Please visit our Dual & Concurrent Enrollment page for more information concerning enrollment.

Download the special Part-Time Permission Form [PDF]

California Education Code

In accordance with California Education Code Section 48800, 48800.5, and 76001, kindergarten through grade 12 students (K-12) may be eligible to enroll in courses at Golden West College for advanced-level study in instructional or vocational areas not available at their school. The school and the college will determine who may enroll based on their judgment of the applicant’s ability to profit from instruction. The college has the right and responsibility to restrict enrollment for reasons of health and safety, appropriateness of the course, preparedness of the student, college policy, state law and space availability. Note: In accordance with SB338, enrollment in physical education courses have been restricted or excluded.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Under this Act, students attending an institution of higher learning become an adult when it comes to their educational records at that institution. It is the policy of the Coast Community College District, in accordance with FERPA, to not release/discuss a student’s records without the signed release from the student authorizing the release of that information to anyone except the student.

Important Information for the 9th -12th Grade Student
  • Students wanting to take Math or English must take the placement test which is offered in our Assessment Center (714-895-8388).  You must apply and receive a Student ID# before making an appointment.
  • All Classes at Golden West College are college level courses – The student will be treated as such
  • Students CANNOT displace a college level student
  • Students are NOT allowed on waitlists
  • Students may not take a course-load exceeding 6 units per semester
  • If the student is home schooled, he/she must provide verification that the home school program is recognized and approved by the county department of education and provide verification that the student is able to succeed in college level classes.

Students enrolled in the 9th – 12th grade may enroll in courses at Golden West College if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The student must be at least minimum day student at his/her school (not applicable for summer classes).
  2. The course(s) requested is an advanced academic or vocational experience and not available at the student’s regular school. (PE courses are restricted.)
  3. The student meets the prerequisite for the course requested.
  4. The student has the permission of his/her parent.
  5. The student has the permission of his/her high school principal or designee with a recommendation of the specific course or courses to be taken.

Registration – Upon receiving all approvals and criteria listed above, the student will be allowed to register via MyGWC on or after his/her assigned appointment time provided space is available in the course. In most cases students will need to attend the first class meeting to get approval from the instructor.

Please feel free to contact the office of Admissions & Records at 714-895-8197 with any other questions.