Online Registration: On-line registration is by assigned appointment. Registration appointments are typically assigned to students one to two weeks prior to the first day of the registration cycle for the upcoming semester or session. This includes continuing students as well as new and returning students (applicants). Any student who applies and is admitted for the semester or term will have access to the MyGWC portal for all registration, fee payment and withdrawal transactions.

In-Person Registration: Students who are unable to register using MyGWC or choose not to do so can enroll in-person on a space available basis beginning the first week of the semester or session. NOTE: Class availability will be very limited for students who choose to wait for the in-person registration period.

Late Registration: Late registration for all classes begins the first day of the semester or session. During the first two weeks of class (spring and fall semester), students may register only with the permission of the instructor. In order for a student to receive a late add during the second week, he or she must have been in attendance the first week of class. Students will not be permitted to register after the second week of class. Check the college website or the class schedule for registration deadlines. Students should be aware that missing the first class meeting or meetings may severely affect their chances to succeed in the course.

NOTE: Students entering classes late are responsible for making up missed work and are responsible for all fee and refund deadlines associated with each class section. Students who are permitted to add after the refund deadline will not be eligible for a refund if the class is dropped.

Physical Examination: A physical examination is not required to enroll at Golden West College except for students entering the Nursing Program and the Criminal Justice Academy Programs. The College Nurse may require a student to have a physical examination to protect either the student or the college.

Eligibility for Courses and Programs: A student may enroll in any course offered at Golden West College provided prerequisites for the course have been met.

Programs Requiring Advanced Approval: The programs at Golden West College that require advanced approval before entering are: Nursing – RN; Nursing – LVN to RN, and the Criminal Justice Academy Programs.

Waitlists: NOTE: Waitlists may be available for most classes. If you add yourself to the waitlist and a seat becomes available you will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to add the class via MyGWC. Students with valid cell phone numbers will also receive a text notification. Waitlist email notifications are sent to the Coast District assigned student Gmail account ( The link to your Gmail is found on your Home tab within your MyGWC.

Closed Classes: Classes with a “C” next to them on the searchable online class schedule indicate that the class is closed (full). If the class in which you wish to enroll is closed, don’t give up!

  1. Go for the sure thing! Try to find another CRN of the course that may still have seats available.OR
  2. If there is a waitlist option, place yourself on the waitlist. If a seat becomes available you will be notified by email and text and will have 24 hours to add the waitlisted class. All prerequisites and corequisites must be met. You can monitor your waitlist position by logging into your MyGWC and clicking on “Detail Schedule with Waitlist Position” from the student tab. Even though text messaging is available for waitlist notifications, it is suggested you log into your MyGWC and check your Coast District assigned Gmail account at least three times a day to reduce the chance of missing the email notification for the waitlist. For step-by-step instructions on how to add a course with a waitlist notification, refer to the MyGWC reference guide posted on the GWC homepage.
  3. If waitlists are not available, check back to see if a seat may have become available due to a student withdrawal or due to a student being dropped for nonpayment of fees.OR
  4. If the class you want does not reopen before the semester begins, or if you are unable to place yourself on the waitlist because it is full, does not exist, or you are not eligible to do so, you may still go to the first class meeting. If space is available, the instructor may give you an ADD PERMIT with an Add Authorization Code (AAC). The AAC will allow you to register online MyGWC for the course prior to the “EXPIRES” deadline using the online registration sys- tem. However, please be aware that most instructors give priority to students who are already on the waitlist.

Please Note: A student must have a registration appointment to be able to register online using their MyGWC account.